May involves frequent picnics. How can you resist the mouth-watering sausages, sausages wrapped in bacon and even in addition to all kinds of kebabs! However, we are not always able to resist such rich treats. And then feel uncomfortable and complain of heaviness in the stomach.

Therefore, nutritionists advise you to begin a meal outdoors with fresh vegetables. Moreover, in the beds gardeners have already appeared the first green. If you immediately start with the kebabs, and then proceed to the vegetables and fruits, then, once in the stomach for meat or fish, they will cause fermentation. Because the meat much longer to digest.

Also, consider the compatibility of products. We should not mix meat and fish. Better in one day barbequing or game, and the other fish.

Advises dietitian Ksenia Selezneva: "the Meat is desirable fry well until transparent juice, because no manufacturer can 100% guarantee the absence of parasites in it. Meat is best absorbed from vegetables, the vegetables should be non-acidic and does not contain starch, preferably green".

What are the holidays without alcohol. However, it is best to prefer dry wines. In moderation, wine will accelerate the digestion and improve metabolism. But vodka is not the best option for outdoor recreation. Alcoholic drinks are high in calories, but for those who want to fly to lose weight, it's not a good option. In addition, they encourage appetite.

Holidays in nature — is not only a rich feast, but also active pastime. And we should use it wisely.

Fitness trainer Edward Kanevsky advises: "camping — barbecue, alcohol, mayonnaise, guitar and a long conversation about everything. A typical picture of long may holidays for those who spend them at the cottage. But the may holidays, like Christmas, can harm your health excess calories and low physical activity.

Therefore, going to the cottage, don't forget to bring your badminton. Probably, there is no better entertainment than to drive a shuttlecock. The game has high activity, and if playing "for points", and more excitement.

Even if you drank or ate too much, then one half-hour party will be a great help in the fight against excess calories after such an active feast. Still a good "sport" is Frisbee. You can play a pair or a team, or "points". If learn how to tweak the plate, the movement you have will definitely increase. The main thing that there was the dog that loves to chase the saucers".