As stated in society, Rimi is obliged to realize the declared company policy with respect to animal welfare, which stipulates that animals must be protected from unnecessary suffering and disease and kept in favourable conditions.

The society also said that many supermarkets in Europe have already abandoned eggs contained in the cells, so it is not clear why Rimi does not implement its own policy.

As reported, within a few days more than 5,000 people signed a petition on the website, encouraging Rimi refuse to trade eggs that were demolished chickens contained in cages.

1 Aug Lithuanian organization for the protection of animals ", Trusty Norway" published a video in Lithuanian farms which produced eggs sold under the trademark Rimi in Latvia. The video shows a bald, emaciated chickens, with wounds and parasites.

Latvian society is facing the problems of maintenance of the poultry in the cages for the second time, said earlier, "Freedom of animals". Very similar picture is opened and in the fall of 2016, and then it was the chickens of the enterprise Balticovo. However, during the inspection food and veterinary service violations at a poultry farm is not revealed.