Trump makes a reasonable policymaking even more difficult for those that admires Putin and is ready to abandon the international leadership of the United States, to draw conclusions in the Western press.

According to experts on U.S. national security, the most difficult question now is, was the team of trump collusion with Russia, and how the White house refers to Russia, writes Buzzfeed News.

Last week White house spokesman three times difficult to say whether the administration trump to Russia as a friend or sees it as the enemy, reports journalist Nancy Youssef.

"I think the same question you asked yesterday. And you said you will answer us, ' said the journalist Sara Sanders, during a press briefing on Wednesday. — I think this is a basic question: does the President of Russia a friend, partner, ally or enemy? You have the answer to this question?". Sanders replied briefly: "I Have no".

"Representatives of national security argue that the inability or unwillingness of the White house to develop a position on Russia's paralyzed political process", — writes the author.

"The administration of the trump indicates a good relationship as a goal of its policy on Russia. And it's wrong. The focus should be about what the national security and economic interest of the United States, and how to achieve it," said BuzzFeed News, Michael McFaul, the U.S. Ambassador to Russia from 2012 to 2014.

U.S. allies also can not determine American policy in the Russian direction. Last week, Gernot Erler, the German coordinator for relations with Russia, told Reuters: "We are witnessing the indecisive wavering back and forth in American politics against Russia".

Republicans recognize that the investigation of the question of a possible conspiracy with Russia has dealt a blow to the ability of the White house to run the country.

"The white house becomes fully absorbed by Russia. And by "absorbed", I mean "paralyzed". They just don't know what to do, and took primarily defensive position," he told BuzzFeed News on condition of anonymity, assistant to the Senator-Republican.

"Even without a widening scandal on the question of interference in the election of President Trump would be difficult to govern relations of America with Russia are tense as never before since the cold war," — said in an editorial The New York Times.

"President Vladimir Putin has shown a ruthless drive for self-preservation, which largely focused on the return of Russia to the mystical position of power and glory, not to help the West in building a more stable world," said the editorial Board.

While trump makes a reasonable policy making even more difficult their admiration of Putin and the willingness to abandon the international leadership of the United States.

Subservience trump brought few results, according to the publication. "Russia continues to occupy Crimea, which it annexed in 2014, and intensifitsiruetsa the war in the East against the Ukrainian government forces", "trump not convinced Putin nor increase the economic pressure on North Korea, to stop a dangerous confrontation with the U.S. military aircraft over the Baltic sea or once again be subject to the requirements of the INF Treaty of 1987, eliminating stationed prohibited missiles," — criticizes edition.

"Encouraging signs" the NYT calls for a limited cease-fire in Syria and "the appointment of a distinguished former U.S. representative to NATO, Kurt Volker, known for his tough views on Russia, special representative for cooperation with Russia on the Ukrainian direction".

"But on a wide range of issues, Putin seems unwilling to cooperate, and trump don't seem to particularly care," concludes the editorial.

Upon returning to Washington Donald trump again plunged into Russian business, according to the French Le Figaro. Posting the full email correspondence that preceded the notorious meeting in the Trump Tower, the son of the President trump Jr. thought he eliminated the suspicion of collusion with Russia. Nothing of the sort: return to Paris Donald trump was faced with new questions and even more persistent investigation, writes the correspondent Philippe Gelis.

It turned out that the meeting was attended by at least eight people. From trump: son Donald trump Jr., son-in-law Jared Kushner, the campaign Manager of trump by Paul Manafort, known for his Pro-Russian relationships, and translator. From the Russian side: Veselnitskaya lawyer, publicist Goldstone, representative of the family Agalarov, is close to Vladimir Putin, who stood up for Veselnitskaya (and whose son, Amir, a Russian pop star, was represented by Goldstone). Finally, I present a strange character Rinat Akhmetshin, a lobbyist with dual Russian-American citizenship, who is no this was accompanied by a lawyer Veselnitskaya, with whom he just had lunch," reports the author.

Biography Akhmetshina intriguing, says Gelis. In Russia he was involved in kibartaj and in the operations of the "black PR" in the style of Soviet methods of compromise. In Washington he is known as a lobbyist for the abolition of the "Law Magnitsky". Congressmen suspect him of "links with the Russian special services", which he denies. He only acknowledges that he served as a conscript in the units engaged in counterintelligence, the author.

The rating of trump, according to a survey by The Washington Post, published on Sunday, fell to 36%. "The cascade of revelations and the emergence of new characters in the Saga, forcing the White house to hire a lawyer Ty Cobb with the exclusive mission of the legal counsel to coordinate the response of the investigators to the legal adviser Donald Boston was engaged in other Affairs, the article says. — This advice comes from the President's strategist Steve Bannon, who took a sample defense of bill Clinton in the Monica Lewinsky affair".

"Terrified" of the British PR-Manager caught in the middle, Russian scandal, the White house, interrupted the luxurious European "year off" and flies in the United States to hold an emergency meeting with his lawyer in Los Angeles, reports the Daily Mail. Rob Goldstone (56 years) was together with partner David Wilson on a long vacation.

"However, amid concerns that he would be killed for organizing meetings with the participation of Donald trump Jr. and several Russians," Goldstone, according to the tabloid, immediately flew from Athens to Los Angeles.

"Extravagant PR Manager, known for the imposing dimensions and a passion for silly hats, held last week, giving vent to their habit to publish a selfie with the young men, whom he had met during his travels in social networks," — writes the correspondent.

Goldstone attempts to fend off the growing power of the scandal was not a success, and the PR had to cancel agreements with several young men in Athens and to leave the exclusive hotel Athenaeum Intercontinental hotel with its gourmet restaurant, Spa and rooftop bar, the author.

The newspaper reminds that in emails sent shortly after trump was approved by the presidential candidate from the Republican party last year, Goldstone offered to make Donald trump Jr. with a lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, saying that the Russian Prosecutor offered to provide the staff magnate sensitive information about Hillary Clinton.

Natalia Veselnitskaya — "perhaps what in the jargon of the scouts is called "bait", he wrote in The Times Ben McIntyre, that is "was an attempt to lure campaign headquarters trump and persuade it to agreement." "She calls herself an ordinary lawyer. It can be truth or half-truth as the statements of Gordon Lonsdale (a KGB agent by the name of Konon Trofimovich of Young) that he was selling musical machines," — said in the article.

Russia was a pioneer and a world leader in the introduction of its agents in other countries, "a retired KGB Colonel Vladimir Putin" has adapted and expanded this tradition. "After the incident with the tramp. one former intelligence official told me: "the Russians have blurred faces, there is a whole range of people who may work on the Kremlin in the distance", — said the author.

"Russia supports all destabilizie the United States, increasing Russian power, confusing Western intelligence and enriches the Russian kleptocracy" — said McIntyre. The Kremlin will gleefully watch another mishap of the White house trump, and the core tactics of Moscow — "the doctrine of maskirovka", says the author, translating the word as "little masquerade".

"The episode with the trump-youngest — or "donut hole", according to its supporters, whether a huge scandal, or another piece of masquerade, played out to confuse and to weaken the West," concludes McIntyre.