Today the consultation Titov and state Secretary of the Latvian foreign Ministry Andrei Pildegovich has signed an agreement amending the agreement between the governments of Latvia and Russia of 20 December 2010 on the simplification of mutual trips of residents of border regions and cooperation plan of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Latvia and Russia in 2018-2019.

Titov told reporters that the consultations discussed trade and economic issues held in August, the meeting of the intergovernmental Commission. Discussed the European agenda, the problem of North Korea, the situation in Syria and the middle East.

Signed a plan of cooperation in many areas, including a direct railway communication, the work of the intergovernmental Commission at the level of groups, the development of air links and cultural cooperation. "We have planned to sign a three-year plan of cooperation in the field of culture", — said Titov.

The agreement on simplification of trips for residents of border areas will come into force after approval procedure. "It's a confirmation of trust, when people can directly contact each other. This adds to the trust between our countries, might have been lately a little," — said Titov.

Pildegovics explained that for residents of border areas removed some requirements, such as requiring health insurance. People can attend the activities of non-governmental organizations. "The agreement concerns those who live about 30 km from the border. In the year issued approximately 50-60 permissions from the Latvian side the frontier people active enough," said the Secretary of state.

He also expressed satisfaction that despite the differences in views on international issues, e.g. crisis in Ukraine, Latvia and Russia will be able on some issues to move forward.

"We discussed the upcoming centennial celebration of Latvia and the importance of an open approach to the dark pages of the history of the 20th century," he added.