"The idea of resetting the state plunged into a deep economic and political crisis and is not undertaking attempts a radical reform of the federalization of the country and finding ways out of the collapse, have received broad support" — quoted Zakharchenko Donetsk news Agency (DAN).

According to him, "we can already say that the name "little Russia" will not, because it causes many rejection. We have received many interesting, varied offers and reviews, indicating that this discussion was not started in vain".

The head of the DND said that the current policy of the current authorities of Ukraine puts the further existence in jeopardy. "Kyiv needs to think about that any further conduct of this murderous policy and the inability of lead to the disintegration of the country", — summed up Alexander Zakharchenko.

The creation of the Ukraine is a Federal state with broad autonomy, which is "the successor of Ukraine," Zakharchenko announced on July 18. In the self-proclaimed LNR announced that they this initiative was not discussed, the official Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov noted that the nominated Zakharchenko initiative is personal and "be understanding". But Kiev has urged Moscow to condemn the proclamation of the Ukraine.

A week later the leader of the DNI stated that the final decision about the creation of the Ukraine is not accepted, and "discussions will continue". According to him, the idea of creating a new state, received mixed responses. So, opinions differed about the location of the capital, state symbols, as well as the composition, format and place of the legitimate constituent Assembly with representatives of the regions of Ukraine.