What need to be stupid enough to believe it?!", — asks the satirist.

"Eurodruck prove their pugalki Crimea, saying that they took the Crimea, will try to pick up and the Baltic States. But Crimea and Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia – this is completely difference.

Russia himself is barely now able to feed, why did it still these three "dumbbell" is needed? The Baltic States do not produce anything except purulent aggression against Russia. For it and get Eurodance. It is their only high-quality product – the hatred towards Russians. Everything else, even what worked in the Soviet era, has died. The Crimea may itself provide and these countries are gone," Zadornov writes in his blog.

According to the satirist, who loves Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia, and so can we go to relax. But there are now products not even those that were natural and harmless, without cheap flavor additives.

"The most prosperous profession in the Baltic States – managers! Why do we need them? We have incompetent now under zavyazochki. And these young people are integrated into euroamericana, most of them nerds! How could we not be stigmatized for our education, we still have among the younger generation many, if not most, know the multiplication table, are able to count and know the difference between Bel Canto from Belmondo. If, as inspires all of Europe, Russia will attack the Baltic States, we have again, as in Soviet times, the education of youth, to build rural schools because the majority of these schools were closed down after these countries joined the EU: should not balls be smarter than the chicken!", — he writes.

According to Zadornov, not to pull such a load Russia – let it pulls the EU.

"No! The Baltic States in this present state a very comfortable Russia as independent from her! They focused, bought the apartment and in the evenings, they sit in the same restaurants the most notorious haters of Russia and Putin. For Russian intelligence the mother lode! Is the scout "zakosit" under "antipatica" and a wealthy businessman like him will take his, and he, at a glance, will draw all dream about a vast European majority.

Europe accuses Russia of lack of freedom of expression. Like in Russia "echo of Moscow", "Novaya Gazeta", TV channel "Rain"... and many highly respected dissidents who openly Express their opinions. Try to speak in this way in the Baltic States to the EU. Putin seems the lamb of God! Only the local media afraid to tell the truth.

What about freedom of speech. the European Union, if to my friend in Latvia the police arrived, when he turned in the garden quite loudly the song "ready to whether Russian war"? Criminal in Euromarket song!

That's really who does not need right now Russia is a sponge. Better to let those Baltic "dumbbells" sticking out on participating in the doping," he writes.