"Look out the end of his stay in Latvia, because now he is in police custody," said Kozlowski reporters, adding that Phillips will be drawn up a Protocol on administrative violation, after which he, in all probability, will be released.

"I think it was an obvious provocation, but given that he's a journalist, it was decided not to include it in the blacklist. My personal opinion — he is unwanted in Latvia", — said the Minister.

As reported, the State police has arrested today at the Freedom monument during the events of the day of memory of legionaries British journalist Graham Phillips, who is considered close to the Kremlin.

According to the head of the Riga regional management of gospolitiki hunter Markitans, Phillips tried to provoke people lay flowers to the monument of Freedom, and was detained for disobeying police. Perhaps it will be issued a Protocol on administrative violation.

According to the press-Secretary of popolizio DIRIS Anuchin, Phillips brought to the police station for an explanation and an institution of administrative business.
According to Anuchina, the journalist had breached public order during the March and ignored the comments of the police.

Graham Phillips is a British journalist, blogger, member of the Russian state TV channels "Russia Today" and "Star". Became known in the course of his journalistic work during the period of the Euromaidan in Ukraine in late 2013 — early 2014 and during the armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine.