The strike will continue until an agreement is reached on the implementation of the requirements of family physicians, she said. In the received from the Ministry of health letter clarified all the points on which agreement had been reached and the funding that will be available to family doctors to increase the amount of capitali.

As explained by Wade, Prime Minister Maris Kuchinskis promised to increase the amount of capitali will be available for 5 million euros, providing funding for an increase in the amount of capitali yesterday was also supported by the strategic health Board.

If the implementation of the quality criteria the Minister of health Anda Chakshu have allocated an additional EUR 2 million, the family doctors are willing to work on these criteria so that they really were aimed at improving the quality, not quantity, said Wade.

13 Jul at the Ministry of health held a meeting of the strategic Council, which decided the question of the possibility to fulfil the requirements of LASU in 2018 30% increase in the amount of capitali.

Health Ministry proposes to increase the amount of capitali family physicians, include the new section quality. This proposal on July 13 discussed at the meeting of the strategic Council for health.
He told reporters after a meeting of the Council the Minister of health Anda Chakshu, for this purpose it would be possible to allocate about 2 million euros in addition to provided to increase the salaries of doctors in 2018 and 80 million euros.

While on July 12 of the meeting the Minister of health Anda the Chakshu, the Prime Minister Marisa Kuchinskisa and the President of LASU sarmīte veide failed to reach agreement on the termination of the strike. The government failed to negotiate with doctors to increase the amount of capitali for maintenance practices, and the matter was referred to the strategic health Board.

The Minister and the Premier do not support increasing the amount of capitali.
The doctors ' strike began on July 3, it includes more than 600 physicians. One of the requirements of family doctors is increasing the amount of capitali 30%, in turn, the Ministry of health has proposed to increase included the salary of doctors, but doctors do not agree. Also, the position of the Ministry of health and doctors disagree on the question of reform, which envisages the creation of joint practices.