As reported by the portal DELFI representative of the press service of the State police Diana Lukin, in early March, the police Braslas asked the man, who told about a suspicious purchase. On the portal of classified ads, he found a man who offered tickets to the Riga concert band A-ha. Buyer and seller met, it was about two tickets to the concert, each responsible for 35 euros. After the purchase the victim became suspicious that the tickets are counterfeit.

The police found that the tickets bear the existent series. On Friday on suspicion of fraud was arrested a young man 1992 year of birth. The police organized a "control purchase".

The detainee admitted the guilt. Initiated criminal proceedings.

The police asked to respond to other victims.

We will remind that on Tuesday, March 15, at the arena Riga will host the Baltic's only concert of the band A-ha.