August 5 in the afternoon, the police received information that Jaunciems cemetery a man in dark clothes stuck to several visitors. On the scene were sent to the nearest police unit.

Several excited women told police that an obsessive man first drank in the surroundings and then met some woman and they went together into the woods. Having examined the territory, police noticed two persons of a specified description, which lay down on the edge of the forest.

The man categorically denied having molested the visitors to the cemetery. During a conversation with the police from him and from the woman smelled strongly of alcohol. In addition, the pair behaved provocatively and threatened the guards of law and order troubles in the workplace.

The police decided to detain the pair, but the man refused to comply with the requirements to proceed to the police car. Then the police put on handcuffs the man, and at the same time this measure was used to his companion, who tried to escape from the scene.

When checking the individual data of both the detainees revealed that the man is wanted. It was handed over to employees of popolizio, the woman was taken to the duty part. During the test, the alcohol concentration, the degree of intoxication of men was 4 ppm.