Fines paid by drivers for violations, have covered the costs for the purchase of equipment. The second contest was much bigger — the Board was looking for a company that could install another 84 stationary photoradar. This year the competition was won by the same firm as before. Now only one photoradar will have to pay 81 000 Euro instead of 56 000 euros. Thus, the acquisition of the remaining radar went up by 2 million euros.

As noted by Nekā personīga, in 2012 Latvia had to install 100 of the stationary photoradar. However, the firm Vitronic Baltica are unable to fulfill all the conditions, because doing that just made his money with portable speed cameras. After the scandal with this company, the government entrusted the question of the installation of speed cameras CSDD.

The first competition for the purchase of radar was announced in the summer of 2014. Of the two candidates, the choice fell on the company Reck, which is owned by Armand Garcons and Viesturs Cadiz. In 2014, the turnover of 17 million euros, profit was 167,000 euros. The firm often wins in the contests state-owned enterprises.

In 2014, the firm Reck was proposed to establish one photoradar and maintain it for five years over € 56,000. The first radar began to record speed violations in early 2015.

In April 2016, have completed the second competition for the purchase of 84 radars. And again won the firm Reck, but now the price has increased significantly — instead of 56 000 euros for one photoradar will have to pay 81 000 euros. This is almost two times more than suggested that another contender — the firm Doma. But as it turned out, the firm was eliminated from the competition, because due to his own faults has stood the test of quality that their speed cameras are unable to identify the desired percentage of numbers of passing cars.

"During the test drive of 230 cars the radars are unable to identify 15 cars with Polish plates, which for some mysterious reason our German partners was excluded from the processing filter rooms", — said the head of the Board of SIA Doma Agris Irbitis.

The firm has eliminated the shortcomings, however, the patient refused to repeat the tests. This fact has caused confusion among Irbitis who does not understand why the CSDD are willing to pay huge sums of money buying the radars from another company.

In turn, the head of the administrative Department of the company Eva Reck Cola indicated that the price of the radar were higher, because now the company offers the radars of new generation. Also now taken into account and additional requirements imposed DBD to the radar, such as radar alternative source of energy.

Simultaneously, experts note that the requirements of the RTSD, which must comply with the radar, so special that it significantly narrows the range of applicants. For example, it can be either Dutch Gatso radars installed by the firm Reck, or German radars Jenoptik is working with Doma, OOO.

As noted by Nekā personīga, Doma, OOO intends to challenge results of competition the Office for the supervision of procurement.