He made this statement after an emergency meeting of the Cabinet convened by Prime Minister Ahmet davutoğlu.

On Sunday evening a car bomb exploded at the intersection of two main traffic arteries in the capital of Turkey.

The Minister of health of Turkey Mehmet Muezzinoglu said that 30 people died at the scene and four more died in hospital. Two of the victims were, apparently, the executors of the explosion.

According to the head of the Ministry of health, Ankara hospital delivered 125 wounded, 19 of them are in critical condition.

The explosion occurred near güven Park, one of the main hubs of Ankara. The area also boasts a variety of shops.

Several cars and one bus, which was near the explosion, was completely burnt.

The newspaper Hürriyet reports that the explosion occurred at about 18:40 local time (16:40 GMT). The area was quickly evacuated for fear of a second explosion.

While no group took responsibility for this action.

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that terrorist groups commit attacks against the civilian population, as they suffer defeat at the hands of Turkish security forces.

According to him, such attacks will only "strengthen our resolve to fight terrorism".

Block social networks

Hürriyet also reports that a local court in Ankara has ruled to block access to "Facebook", "Twitter" and other social networks.

The ban justified the inadmissibility of photos and video frames depicting the scene of the explosion and its consequences.
Such images had previously appeared in social networks.

In addition, it became known that the U.S. Embassy in Ankara warned U.S. citizens about a possible terrorist attack in the city.

This is not the first explosion in Turkey.

In February in Ankara the bomb exploded, which killed about 30 people. Then the responsibility for explosion was assumed by the Kurdish extremist group.

The Istanbul correspondent bi-Bi-si said that such explosions point to the numerous threats to the security of Turkey.

A country that until recently was considered to be a stable oasis in the middle East and an important ally of the West, was in a difficult situation.

The recent bombings in Turkey

  • February 2016: the explosion in Ankara, 30 people were killed
  • January 2016: at least 10 people, mostly tourists from Germany, died in Istanbul as a result of the actions of the bomber's suicide. In the bombing suspected ISIS
  • October 2015: more than 100 people were killed after two bomber-suicide bomber detonated his bomb during a demonstration of Kurds, working for peace
  • July 2015: mostly populated by Kurdish town of Suruj near the Syrian border in the explosion of a suicide bomber killed more than 30 people. Security forces blame the explosion of the IG