Education energy Valdis Gavars he studied at the Leningrad Polytech — in 50-ies he was lucky to be among the Latvian young men for whom the first Secretary of the Communist party of Latvia Janis Kalnberzins asked for 200 seats in the promising Russian universities in the Republic were their skilled personnel.

"Needless to say, education there was top notch, some professors worked there since tsarist times, says Gavars. — And communications in St. Petersburg turned out to be priceless later. But, a funny story, when we graduated from College, none of the Latvian energy experts did not request. And we, two Latvians, as the most potentially unreliable, was sent to Sakhalin to work first, and then in the army".

When in 1958 Gavars returned to Riga, Director of the Institute of physics of the Academy of Sciences invited him to lead the creation of... nuclear reactor in Salaspils. At that time nuclear power was considered the most promising sector for four years before in Obninsk situated near Moscow was launched the world's first nuclear power plant. Salaspilssko the reactor was prepared for a different purpose — research. Here they had to figure out what else to use peaceful nuclear energy.

After the explosion at the Chernobyl reactor official information about the situation was not more than half of the month — Gavars instructed the Council of Ministers of the Latvian SSR and the Baltic military district. He himself during these months dropped eight pounds of weight while in the most severe stress considered himself the worst person in the world who is involved in the industry that can bring so much grief to people. But over time, after considering the situation, came to the opinion that there are professions worse.

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