The last exhibition, IFFA 2013 confirmed the leading position of the forum was attended by 960 companies from 47 countries. (Similar indicators of the organizers of the exhibition and forecast for may 2016.), the exhibition was visited by over 60 thousand professionals from 142 countries (and this time, visitors are expected not less than 60 thousand less than 140 countries). The exposition occupied 110 thousand square meters of exhibition space in seven halls.

At the forthcoming IFFA 2016 full range of equipment will be on display in the Western part of the Frankfurt exhibition centre, in halls 8, 9 and 11.

At both levels of hall 11 their latest developments will represent companies from the segments of packaging, logistics and technologies for measuring and weighing. In addition, hall 11.1 will include exhibitors from the segment of cutting and processing. The segment of the slaughtering, cutting and processing will occupy halls 9.0 and 9.1.

In hall 8, the main attention will be focused on processing. In hall 4.1 the focus will be exposition Sales — everything for butchers' shops' and packaging materials. One floor below, in hall 4.0, visitors will be able to find the best German and foreign suppliers of ingredients, spices, additives and casings.

According to Richard Clemens, managing Director of the Association of mechanical engineering of food industry and packaging (Fachverband Nahrungs-und Verpackungsmaschinen mittelmaschinen), the conceptual partner of IFFA, manufacturers of equipment for the meat industry exhibition IFFA, of course, is the most important event. Within six days of the show, everything revolves around the most valuable food product, which is meat.

Global meat market is the market, fastest growing. In populous countries of Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe and Africa the revenues of companies working with meat, continuously grow. In many cases, increasing the consumption of meat. At the same time, the demand for modern and effective equipment for processing and packaging of meat and meat products. Thus, the increasingly important role played by the quality.

Speech, in particular, about the requirements for security and quality of products, as well as on operational controls. In developed countries the emphasis is on productivity growth by increasing energy efficiency. But this is impossible without optimization of cleaning processes, automation and implementation of environmental solutions.

Another key theme is flexibility to meet changing consumer trends. For the butchers it is important to identify and promptly serve new trends in consumer eating behavior. This, for example, convenience, walking messagename and food products.

An integral part of IFFA, the international quality competitions organised by the German butchers Association: manufacturers of meat products from around the world use the opportunity to evaluate their products with the help of a jury of recognized experts who for four days will test competing sausages, ham and canned goods. Certificates and medals IFFA are an impressive Testament to the quality of their products.

Contests will be held in a special area of hall 4.1: international competition of canned meat (Sunday, 8 may), the international competition of meat products (Monday, 9 may), the Big prize for the best sausage award on Tuesday, may 10. The participants of the master class butchers will demonstrate their skills Saturday, may 11. Finally, the international competition of the ham will be held on Thursday, may 12.

Innovation IFFA IFFA 2016 will be a Talk, a discussion with a prominent guest (7 may). In the center of discussions will be the most important impression from the first day of the exhibition. Talk at IFFA in hall Frequenz Portalhaus building (West entrance, room 11) free open to all participants and visitors of the exhibition. The discussion will end with a gala evening from dfv Mediengruppe with the ceremony of awarding the incentive award Promotional Award of the Meat Industry and a gala dinner. In parallel IFFA Talk in the Portalhaus building will host another event Spirit of Meat.

Another novelty will be the IFFA Forum (foyer hall 11.1 from 8 to 11 may), with its combination of expert lectures in the morning with practical examples from the experience of the participants in the afternoon.

Each day will be devoted to one of important trends. On Sunday the focus will be on career opportunities in the meat sector: what to expect from the sector going into the profession.

On Monday at IFFA Forum will discuss the safety and traceability of food products. Topic Tuesday — automation and optimization of production and environment — resource efficiency and reliability.

Free access to the forum will be open to all visitors. The forum is dfv Mediengruppe in cooperation with Messe Frankfurt.

And stands at the exhibition IFFA Kitchen visitors can see the production line, meat processing machines in operation. Realistically, the engineers, the technologist will demonstrate how to roll, and immediately after the manufacture of the final product will be available for tasting. In addition, IFFA Kitchen will demonstrate how meat-processing technology has evolved over the last 150 years. Old and new machines will be exhibited side by side at the show accompanying the exhibition in Galleria, level 0.

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