Lent begins right after carnival, is observed especially strictly in the first week, and Holy Week.

The preparation for lent includes the four Sundays (in Church Slavonic — Weeks): Week of the publican and Pharisee, the Sunday of the prodigal son, the Sunday of the last Judgment and forgiveness Sunday, but between February 21 (the beginning of preparation for the post) and March 14 (the first day of lent in 2016) — a total of three weeks.

The primary meaning and the essence of fasting is repentance, preparing the soul to a joyful meeting of Easter. Lent is also directed primarily to the purification of the soul, its deliverance from the Madding crowd. It is believed that it is important not formal fulfilment of the requirements of the Church and their conscious acceptance. The post do not say, do not boast — keep it for yourself, not rising up from the other people.

The post has a missionary origin. These 40 days first fasted, not Christians, and the Gentiles — those Gentiles who wanted to be Baptized.

Food in the days of Great lent, on weekdays, should be the following. Is called clean Monday, because I don't eat. Sheetname are indicated on the calendar Wednesday and Friday, that is: bread and water. The second and fourth day — hot food without butter. Saturday and Sunday — the days when allowed the use of sunflower oil.

14-15 March 29-30 and April recommends that the Church should abandon the food. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays only allowed dry food — without cooking: raw and canned vegetables and fruits, black bread