At the same time she noted that the shortage of workers does not interfere with the hospital to provide patients with both planned and emergency care 24 hours a day. In addition, the outflow of doctors and nurses from the hospital cannot be characterized as a mass.

Latina announced that the Board of the hospital with the financiers during the month managed within existing funding to increase pay of employees for a range of important hospital positions, including in the clinic, emergency care, centre of operative surgery, clinic of chemotherapy and Haematology as well as in the intensive care unit.

To increase the salaries of all medical staff of the hospital will be possible only when the question of additional funding to be resolved at the state level, said the representative of the Eastern hospital.

As reported, the clinical Stradina hospital due to the shortage of medical personnel is forced to transfer part of the operations.

As the chief doctor of the hospital Arnold Atis Weinberg, hospital, like many other healthcare institutions in the country, faces a shortage of human resources, particularly nurses, but the situation is solved through the optimization of existing resources and improved planning of work operating rooms.