Objective data on the change in height of the plane at the last minute became known several hours after the crash. They presented the portal Flightradar24, which monitors the movement of civil aircraft on the basis of data from their transponders. Boeing circling in the area around the airport for two hours and tried to land in difficult weather conditions — during a side gusty wind and low visibility. After the second attempt, the pilot began to gain altitude. The ship reached an altitude of 1,200 meters, and then began to decline sharply before the collision with the ground. Vertical speed Flightradar24 estimated at 106 m/s. Airliner hit the ground at a higher angle and shattered into many small fragments.

The picture also confirm the published decoding of negotiations of the pilot with the airport Manager.

Source of "Interfax" in the operational headquarters explained: "the Plane after the decision of the FAC (aircraft commander) about that, instead of landing to go for another round, began to gain height, but for an unknown reason fell into a tailspin and hit the ground at an angle of 45-50 degrees".

The same source reported that the participants in the investigation of the crash Boeing-737 in Rostov considered among the reasons that led to the crash, pilot error in adverse weather conditions and technical malfunction of the Elevator. This can explain the stall of the aircraft into a spin and an uncontrolled rapid fall.

A corkscrew is called unmanaged decline of the aircraft with the rapid rotation (autorotation). As noted in the Wiki, the effectiveness of the control planes when the corkscrew is falling, and fast rotation might lead to disorientation of the pilot, which complicates the exit from it.

Soon after the message from the "Interfax" Agency with reference to several sources "close to the aviation authorities", as well as in the POPPY, said: "so Far put forward only assumptions, but until they have clear documentary evidence".

Such documentary evidence can be data from the flight recorders. They're badly damaged, but the capsules with the memory modules probably survived.

Anecdotal evidence and reports from officials about the prospects of recovery would also differ. "Anonymous" does not exclude the first data is received by the evening of the resurrection. And officially in the MAC claim that by that time only completed the preparatory treatments — for example, copying available data. The Investigative Committee said yesterday that the transcript may take up to three months.

The plane Boeing 737-800 of FlyDubai, performing flight FZ 981 from Dubai, crashed early on Saturday morning at the repeated landing approach. Killing all 62 people on Board were citizens of nine countries, the majority are Russians, residents of the Rostov region. Regional authorities declared Sunday a day of mourning. The memory action in many cities of the country has become an ecological action "Earth Hour".