Pay attention to these simple and effective tips:

Find time for games

Allow yourself to see the world through the eyes of a child and be playful every day (at least!) is incredibly beneficial for weight loss. When we let go of the stress and responsibility and, instead, laugh, get silly and have fun, then we don't need to resort to food (and, especially, overeating) in order to have fun. Games give us a boost of endorphins like nothing else!

The next time you drive past the Park, stop on the roadside and walk just a few minutes. Hug your partner at the meeting? Turn it into a playful improvisation of a struggle. Shape something out of clay or buy fashion collection of coloring pages for adults. Going to spend time with friends? Play together!

As you can see less on the screen (whether phone or computer)

The longer you are busy watching the news, the less time you have for the activity. With phone in hand and I want to stay on the cozy couch cuddling with a bag of chips instead of having to get up and go for a walk.

However, if you are constantly checking what other people eat, do, wear, buy and the list goes on, you can feel a huge envy towards them, to their way of life. Such feelings are very likely to guide you not walk, to the kitchen cupboard. Give yourself the opportunity daily to be offline for a certain amount of time, make it a habit.

Discover dry body brush

Skin treatment with a dry brush helps to clean pores, accelerates the disposal of toxins. This will help to cleanse the body both outside and inside, will accelerate the process of cleaning and filling with energy. When you feel good, then you are more likely to choose healthy food, which will further fill you with energy.

Create something new

Find a hobby that will cause you to have a genuine interest, something that will allow you to be inspired and creative. No idea what it could be? Anything: dancing, climbing, collecting magazines, design and decor, fashion, animals, volunteering, writing jokes and crossword, felting of wool, organization of some events or even embroidery!

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