The portal Delfi contacted Emanuel Gedeonovich artist did not hide the upset feelings: "In our life is the first time that we have someone encroached... So the reaction is especially painful. We never even thought that this could happen. And it's not even that we took something, and in the presence of people who are unfriendly in attitude. I am now disgusted to be here, to take the chair, the railing of the stairs, because someone, probably, too all it touched..."

Vitorgan said that the evening and at night the couple celebrated the 5th anniversary of "Vitorgan-club in Jurmala" — riding with the guests on the boat the Gulf of Riga. "Was a lovely warm evening, for which we received an incredible amount of gratitude. The house was in our lady's help. All day she went around the house, cleaning. The night has retreated to his lounge, obviously, when it happened — she heard nothing and did not know about the incident. But, of course, any claims to it we do not and can not be — she is our friend and helper, and she is scared by what happened".

The couple returned home after midnight and found a cigar box in the office of the artist is on the floor, not on the table. "I thought maybe the assistant forgot, recalls Vitorgan. But when I entered the bedroom, found that Irina's things are scattered rings, jewelry... Obviously, these were people who knew, they took all the most expensive, but some things left".

The artist said that he could not imagine where and how the thieves appeared. "Trace, no. The door to the balcony was half open, but may have left it cleaner. Again, we in any case do not blame her. And indeed, we're upset not because these spillikins, but because of what happened the mere fact that someone raised a hand on our house that was always very warm, cozy and welcoming".

According to Vitorgan, the police came in the night and now understands, but no news yet. In five minutes half of Jurmala knew about the incident and called with the expression of sympathy.