Responsible senior specialist of the Department of police public relations Ilze Yurevich:

People mistakenly think that penalty points rely only in the case if the driver is issued a fine. This is not so. We will understand in a particular situation. The Protocol specified article 149.6.1. The code of administrative violations. That is, the driver showed no warning signal.

149.6 pants. Braukšanas sākšanas braukšanas un virziena maiņas noteikumu pārkāpšana

Par to noteikumu pārkāpšanu, kuri reglamentē brīdinājuma signāla došanas kārtību,

For this violation entails either a warning or a monetary fine in the amount of 15 euros. In this case, employees of traffic police issued a warning (perhaps because the driver had not had any violations). Also, this violation provides a penalty point (regardless of whether cautioned or issued a fine.

For what other violations you can get penalty points written here (app №1).

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Foto: DELFI Reporter