The word "Teutonic" the Russian man, one is tempted associative array "Ice", "iron pig", "the cradle of the aggressive Prussian-Junker state" and even "the forerunner of German fascism." What really was a "Teutons"? What are their ideals for which they were ready without hesitation to give their lives? It's time to abandon the clichés and try soberly, without emotion, to understand, who are these scary "dogs-knights, not like people". The essence of the myths in relation to the spiritual and the knights of the blessed virgin Mary, may serve as the author of this book excerpt from the famous children's book Soviet times (successfully pereizdala still quite a as a history textbook in verse) "Our ancient capital" Natalia konchalovskaya:

"Where the sun goes down
The Baltic coast,
Was the fortress of the Livonians -
Our Western enemies.
For lifting bridges
In castles hiding they,
Armor with black crosses
Wore days of the war...
Was Livonian knight terrible,
It was bad for our people
During the Livonian frontier...
The enemy is seen, the magician,
Not like people!
I do not, hell if this enemy?
Do not take it in any way!..."

We as residents including former possessions of the Teutonic order especially interesting to learn what life was to our ancestors "for the Livonian frontier" and could be "the devil" knight founded in the Holy Land at the end of XII century A. D. "the order of brothers of the German hospital of the blessed virgin Mary in Jerusalem" (full first name order)?

V. V. akunova fascinating (in fact, the whole history of the Teutonic order, worthy of the pen of Dumas), a rich actual material and if not to pay attention to some emotional passages of the author, this study can be considered one of the most interesting on the subject among the works of Russian authors.

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