The German government and representatives of the automotive industry have agreed on the payment of premiums to buyers of electric vehicles. According to the agreement, with the purchase of the electric vehicle to the buyer may be refunded the portion of its cost in the amount of 4000 euros, reports on Wednesday, April 27, the German socio-legal radio station Deutschlandfunk.

Clarifies that the costs will be divided equally between the government and automakers. Earlier it was reported that total premiums could reach 1.2 billion euros. For the details of the agreement on 27 April it is expected a joint statement Finance Minister Wolfgang schäuble, economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel and transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt.

In connection with this project in the German government, there were disagreements. In the past discussed the possibility of purchasing prize of five thousand euros for individuals and three thousand euros for companies. Premiums also have to be paid not only to buyers of electric vehicles, but hybrids with a combination of an internal combustion engine with a battery that allows some time to move without conventional fuel.

Now in Germany are operated by 25.5 thousand 130 thousand electromobiles and cars with hybrid engines.

Note that the owners of electric vehicles enjoy a range of benefits in Latvia. In particular, as already said, Delfi, owners of electric vehicles at the Riga municipal Parking lots will be free to Park their car if they installed state license plate special vehicle.

In addition, in Latvia, the driver of the electric vehicle has the right to use lanes for public transport. Nevertheless, despite all benefits, the number of cars with the motor in the country still remains extremely low.