According to him, we are talking about the resettlement of some 100 thousand refugees-Rohingya people from about one million who are now in the country. They plan to move to the island Tanger Charms. Currently it is uninhabited. According to CNN, the area where you plan to send refugees flood prone.

For the implementation of its plan, the government of Bangladesh intends to allocate $ 278 million. It is assumed that the process of resettlement of refugees on the island will be completed until November 2019.

According to CNN, with August in Bangladesh came about 626 thousand refugees, most of whom are representatives of the ethnic Rohingya. Before that there were about 300 thousand of their relatives.

Refugees arrive in Bangladesh from Myanmar, accusing the authorities of harassment and violence. The Myanmar government denies all charges, claiming that only fights terrorists, to arrange attacks on local security forces.

The UN, the US and Britain accused Myanmar's authorities of ethnic cleansing. The UN high Commissioner for human rights Zeid RA'ad al Hussein said that representatives of the Myanmar Armed forces can be charged with genocide, Reuters reports.

About 40% of refugees living in special camps in Bangladesh are children. According to UNICEF, approximately one in four children aged between six months and five years suffer from malnutrition. At approximately 7.5% of children (about 17 thousand), the disease has moved into severe stage.

Rohingya ethnic group professing Islam. Its representatives live in the West of Myanmar and consider themselves the indigenous people of the Rakhine state. The Myanmar government denies them citizenship, calling them illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. Bangladeshi authorities also do not recognize their own people as refugees from Myanmar.