The Bangkok Metropolitan administration has gone to such measures to make the capital more secure and clean and free sidewalks for pedestrians.

Chief Advisor to the Governor of Bangkok Wanlop, Suwandi (Wanlop Suwandee) promised that before the end of the year, officials will remove not only street food vendors, but also other goods. According to him, the sweep will apply to all 50 districts of the capital.

No exceptions in this matter will not be stressed, Suwandi. "Street vendors for too long have occupied the sidewalks, but we have given them a legitimate place in the markets for the sale of food and other goods. Any delay in this operation will not" — said the official.

Bangkok is famous for its street food. Earlier in April, the American TV channel CNN called the capital the best city in the world by this parameter. Suwandi, noted that he was grateful to CNN for this recognition. However, the safe and clean streets are a priority for the administration of Bangkok, he said.

Deputy General Director of tour operator "NTK Intourist" Sergey Tolchin said the National news service (NSN), this ban is unlikely to deter travelers from the capital of Thailand as street food are usually in high demand in the resort areas.