In the concert hall "Arena Riga" you will have the opportunity to "plunge" in the Baroque period and enjoy the stunning 3D show VIVALDIANNO created using autobiographical motifs from the life of Antonio Vivaldi. You are sure to attract an unusual mix of idyllic music of the 17th century, and modern rock music. The atmosphere will be augmented 3D videos, animation effects and expressive dance to illustrate fascinating stories from the life of a virtuoso musician.

Of course, any ambitious project requires a great organisational and team work, what great job the composer, lyricist and producer of the show VIVALDIANNO – Michal dvořák. It is not only the author of numerous works in the world of cinema and theatre, but also known as co-founder of the most famous Czech bands. Winner of 9 gold, 7 platinum records and many other awards, he has worked with such prominent composers as Peter Gabriel, Hans Zimmer and many other creators of world-class masterpieces that have brought their rich musical fruit.

As he says show organizer Michal Dvorak: "VIVALDIANNO. City of glass is a unique project, show the Grand scale. And it is amazing everything: the composition, the team, the implementation of a completely new, unconventional ideas and, of course, gorgeous galaxy of "stars" - artists, musicians, embodying the show!"

A soloist of the 3D - illusion is the Czech violinist Jaroslav Sveceny, who toured with concert tours and festivals almost the whole world. He became the first Czech violin player, signed a contract with "Sony Classical". Winner of several prestigious awards, including a gold medal from the President of the Czech Republic. His television, radio and concert projects are popular with the public of all ages.

The libretto was written by the Czech musician, screenwriter and playwright Thomas Belko. The style of the visual concept created, Kosuke Sugimoto, a famous Japanese artist, animator and Director in one person, now an employee of the company "Eallin Animation". It is also known as the owner of KANAZAWA Digital Creative Award 2012, YouTube Video Awards Japan 2009 and many other awards.

International cooperation for ideas to breathe new life into the already immortal works of Vivaldi have jointly created this beautiful, magical and dynamic show that simply cannot miss. In June 2016 premiere VIVALDIANNO in Prague, on the largest square "O2 Arena". Not only that, all the tickets were sold out, and the performance produced such a sensation that during the subsequent tour of the Czech Republic due to the excessive demand constantly added additional seats. To this day the interest in the show continues unabated. Thus, the performance 28 Dec 2016 Ludwigsburg, Germany, was also completely sold out.

The artistic goal of concert is to display a spectacular musical and visual performance art, bringing in works of genius of the Baroque era by Antonio Vivaldi different interpretation.

This show will appeal to people of all ages, because it managed to convey a mixture of modernity and Baroque, a variety of live music, emotional performance of the actors, the "UPS" and "downs" of Vivaldi, and all this in a dynamic illusions in 3D.

The project has a huge number of highly qualified personnel - actors, musicians, translators, technical staff and organizers, helping to reach the international level and go on international tour. So do not miss the opportunity to come and enjoy a modern masterpiece of world scale!

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