15-minute film tells the story of how sports way began Andrzej close will reveal aspects of his character. The athlete acknowledges that without the help of the coaching staff and family, he is unlikely to come out now at such a high level (at the end of last season, Lebedev was recognized as the best racer of the Polish League Nice).

However, Andrew notes that the Speedway is more of an individual sport. "It must be wolf sport. Here are the most, you can say, arrogant. Only he can promote himself and to achieve something. No coach, no family, no friends — it's only moral support, but without which also hard. And the results on the track is entirely of your own making. Hope to race only on ourselves," — says Lebedev.

It is now known that after two consecutive victories in the League Nice with the native Daugavpils "Locomotive" Andrzej decided to take on this new challenge and to try to force in the strongest League in the world Speedway — Polish Ekstraliga. A two-year contract he signed with one of the old-timers-in-chief of the Polish division club from WTS Sparta Wroclaw, who last season was fourth.

This year, Lebedev hopes to show a new team to help: "it is Doubly gratifying will debut on the new track that was built in Wroclaw. It is a modern and one of the most beautiful in the world Speedway stadiums. Looking forward to this moment".

Well, the first start of Lebedev's planned April 1 in the English League where he will defend the colors of "Lester lions". Of course, Andrzej is going to participate in all individual competitions, where he will compete for a ticket to the European championship and the final Grand Prix of the world championship.

It is hoped that ahead of Andrzej Lebedev a long and successful career. How successful, everything depends on it. But for how long? To think hard, but, for example, American Graham Hancock in 2016 again won the title of world champion at the age of 46 years!