Zhirinovsky has arrived to celebrate his birthday in a convertible ZIL Leonid Brezhnev. When he walked the red carpet to the stage, the orchestra played "God save the Tsar". The same hymn, we recall, was accompanied by the opening of the monument to the leader of the LDPR.

One of the gifts policy was portrait, in which the hero of the day in traditional clothes hugging Yamal reindeer. It was written by the artist from Salekhard Tatiana Klipco Tyumen at the request of the liberal Democrats, reports Ura.ru. She admits that she tried to convey the sense of "power and serenity" of the birthday.

Life notes that the celebration was attended by around 13 thousand people. Guests lined up in long queues for donuts, cakes, Russian kvass, and invited fed ice cream "Zhirinovsky in chocolate".

Also was made an exhibition with footage from different periods of the life policy. However, it is not clear which category should include roosters and goats present in the square, to the gifts, guests or live illustrations.

"Vladimir Zhirinovsky started his speech with reminiscences from childhood, and he began, actually, with a story about Stalin's death. On the course of thought of the leader of LDPR was hard to keep track, I remember, was that he had heard the name of Vysotsky, Choi, in addition to political figures in the country, and then he spoke about our successes in space, but added that it would be fine, "and at the bottom to live a little bit better," said the Business FM reporter Ivan Medvedev.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky on April 25 celebrated its 70th anniversary. The day before he was awarded the order "For merits before Fatherland" II degree for "great contribution to the development of Russian parliamentarism and active law-making activity".

Earlier Zhirinovsky got his own monument by Zurab Tsereteli, who opened in the 1st Basmanny pereulok. LDPR leader is the honourable railwayman and marked personal weapons — inscribed dagger from the interior Ministry. In addition, Zhirinovsky — the Transnistrian cavalier of the order "For personal courage", doctor of philosophical Sciences, specialist in Turkic Philology, honored lawyer of the Russian Federation and a retired Colonel. He participated five times in elections of the President of Russia and is the Deputy of the state Duma of all convocations.

Two days before the anniversary, he promised in a comment to "news" to stay in the state Duma to death. "Be carried feet first from the Column hall and bury him in red square. No offense to Zyuganov, he left from Brezhnev will fall, and I was right. In 20 years," said Zhirinovsky.