Recall that the game took place yesterday, 14 March. The outcome was decided in the beginning of overtime, when the puck has thrown Sergey mozyakin, and "Magnitogorsk" has won — 4:3ОТ. After that the account in the series became 3-1 in favor of "metallurg".

When "Siberia" has conceded the decisive goal, its players and coaches appealed to the judges who, in their opinion, missed Metalurh violation of numerical composition. But Czech goalkeeper Alexander Salak rushed towards the linesman Dmitry Sivova and whacked that stick.

KFOR KHL rejects all claims of "Siberia", claiming that the goal was scored correctly. Now the Novosibirsk club lost main goalkeeper, which is punishable under Rule 550, paragraph 1 (abuse of officials and unsportsmanlike conduct by players) — a disciplinary penalty before the end of the game (20 min). While paragraph 1.28 of article 26 of the Disciplinary regulations of the KHL Salak enacted mandatory disqualification on five matches.

With regard to the dispute, right a goal is scored or not, Magnitogorsk club is also carefully examined the circumstances of yesterday's match and presented a video in which "Siberia" on the ice also has six outfield players before thrown the first washer in this match.