Nalimov was driving an Audi Q3 when he tried to escape from the patrol crew of traffic police, but has not coped with management. The car, in which compartment there were three young people broke through metal barriers and crashed into a high rise building. Miraculously none of the people in the car were not injured, because at the time of arrival on bordjurnyj a stone, the collision with the house, worked airbags.

The incident happened on Saturday morning, April 23. Nalimov was asked to take a test for the presence of blood alcohol, but from the medical examination he refused (see the video below). Soon the player expects the suspension of driving privileges.

22-summer Ivan Nalimov is the pupil of Novokuznetsk hockey. 2014 stands for the Vladivostok "Admiral". This season in the championship KHL has held 39 meetings in the regular season (reflected 90,8 percent shooting) and 3 games in the playoffs (89.1 per cent).

For team Russia, Nalimov made his debut on April 9 in the match "Eurochallenge" against Norway (2:1).