The game ended in the opening of the fourth overtime, that is, the team spent a full six periods, which caused a total of 127 shots. Winning the match was won by THC (3:2), they are in series (2-0).

The end of suffering in the second meeting between the rivals put goal by Nikita Bondarev. Stopwatch scoreboard by the time counted from the beginning of the game 120 minutes 23 seconds.

The previous record for the duration of a single match in Russian ice hockey belonged to "Izhstal" and "southern Urals", which played 119 minutes and 10 seconds in the play-off match of the KHL 2009/10 season. However, opponents have not held up to the record of the KHL Prague "Lion" and Donetsk "Donbass", which in the 2013/14 season in Prague has finished playing at around 126 minutes 14 seconds. However to the Russian and Czech hockey Ukrainian club had still an indirect relationship.

THK — Dynamo