In the first quarter of the game of regular championship striker "Atlanta" Paul Millsap performing free throws, drew the attention of the referees that the ball is stained with a sticky substance. Referee Monty McCutcheon immediately went to the benches to remind the teams that Stickum banned in the NBA.

It was found that the adhesive substance used center guests Dwight Howard, who did not deny that he used the spray glue.

"Never experienced such sensations with the ball in his hands. It was very sticky. As if he was smeared with superglue or something similar. I just couldn't unstick the ball from the hands. The strangest feeling in my career", — quotes the words of Millsap Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Interestingly, the first free even with a sticky ball Millsap scored, and received a new ball and missed. However, the game ended in defeat "Houston" with the score 97:109, and Howard scored in this match by 8 points, 17 rebounds and 4 steals.

Dwight Howard eight times in a row participated in the all-star game NBA, five times elected to first team all-star in the NBA. From 2009 to 2011 was voted the best defensive player in the League. In the USA national team became the champion of America (2007) and Olympic champion (og-2008).