"Friends, yesterday was forgiveness Sunday is one of the three most revered holidays of members of the party "Communists of Russia". There's may day, the Day of medical worker, naturally, and forgiveness Sunday. And we filmed (co-host Urgant, Dmitry Khrustalev) I want to apologize to the party "Communists of Russia". Dear party "Communists of Russia"! Forgive us! For God's sake!" said Urgant.

In addition, he promised that in the following programs will warn about possible jokes.

"Now especially for you in the beginning of the program we will put a caption: "Warning! The program may contain a distorted image of the leaders. All. If you see at the beginning of our transmission of this caption, all — switch to "Dom-2", — said the presenter.

Earlier in the Kuban branch of "Communists of Russia" will consider the words of TV presenter Ivan Urgant about Vladimir Lenin and the Krasnodar territory. They appealed to Prosecutor General Yury Chaika with a request to immediately open a criminal case on the fact of incitement to social discord.

In addition, representatives of the party sent an official letter to the leading grandmother Nina Urgant call to boycott grandson.

Criticism from representatives of the regional branch of the party called the remarks of the showman in the program "Evening Urgant", aired on March 11. It Urgant and his colleague Dmitry Khrustalev spoke about the restoration of the monument to Lenin in the Kuban. Pictured Lenin was without a mustache. "See how he stretches his lips to the kids," said Urgant Khrustaleva after noting that the chief was a great friend of children. Urgant also drew attention to the direction of the right hand of Lenin, "He says, "Depart. Women stand back, you obstruct me the Kremlin". "This is the first monument with nasolabial injection for the whole story," concluded lead.