Dimitrov, occupying in the world ranking 29 th place, took first set and led in the second (5:2). However managed in the end to lose the advantage— 7:6 (7-5), 6:7 (4-7), 0:6. The match lasted 2 hours and 47 minutes, 23-year-old Schwartzman (ATP 87) this title was the first in his career.

Note that as the game progresses from a former boyfriend of Maria Sharapova seriously lost his nerve more than once. Dimitrov received from judge three warnings for breaking racquets. First Grigor broke with the score 0:2 in the third set, the second — at 0:4. After the second incident, Dimitrov was fined a point, and this led to the fact that Schwarzman took the lead 5:0. In the last game of the match when the score was "exactly" the third time Dimitrov broke his racket, was again fined and the match is automatically ended in his defeat.