We will remind that before the beginning of overtime mozyakin scored the winning goal, "Magnitogorsk" on the ice was six field players.

"The judge decided not to stop the game on the basis of paragraph (g) of rule 411, which States: "If during the replacement player entering the game or leaving the game, accidentally hits the puck, the game will be stopped and no penalty will not be imposed", — stated in the explanation of the Department of judging the KHL.

The main referees of the match were Russian Roman Hoffmann and the Latvian Andris Ansons, the functions of laynsmenov performed Sivov Dmitry and Sergey Selyanin.

The sixth player, jumped at "the Metallurgist" on the ice was Tomas Filippi (No. 41 on the video).

Other opinion adhere in "Siberia". The General club Manager Kirill Fastovsky at the end of the fourth match of the series stated that the judge ruined his team's season. To understand Fastiv, because now "Magnitka" is one step away from reaching the semi-finals of the Gagarin Cup (the account in the series became 3-1 in favor of "metallurg").

In the end, the Novosibirsk club has sent in the CHL a request to annul the result of the fourth match of the series. In "Siberia" does not agree with the interpretation of the episode by the Department of refereeing KHL and insist that "the Metallurgist" there was a violation of numerical composition, and a judicial error had a direct impact on the outcome of the match.

"Clarification of Department of refereeing KHL on this episode with reference to paragraph (g) of rule 411 of the Rules in the game of hockey does not correspond to the circumstances of the incident. Hockey player T. Filippi (No. 41) took to the ice and touched the puck in that moment, when none of his partners were not within the imaginary area bounded in the length of the bench players plus 1.5 m on the sides and 1.5 meters from the boards, as required by paragraph (a) of rule 411 of the Rules of the game of hockey," — said in the statement "Siberia".

Therefore, concludes the Novosibirsk club "the procedure of replacement players from the bench during the match at this point was broken and at the team of Metalurh shall be assessed a minor bench penalty".