Shipulin started the third with a gap of 21 seconds from the Norwegian Johannes Bo, and after 13.5 seconds after Fourcade. However, after the first firing line the Russian leaders, using the fact that the French and Norwegian once missed. Moreover, the second place went to another national celebration — Evgeny Garanichev.

By mid-race Shipulin continued to hold the lead behind 24 seconds was Garanichev, and right behind him — Fourcade and boe.

On the third firing line and the first "rack" Shipulin misses once, and Garanichev receives three penalties. The leaders sees Bo, followed immediately with a penalty kick circle POPs up next to Shipulin and Fourcade.

The dispute of the three leaders has allowed the latter a shooting. Here Shipulin worked cleanly, and Fourcade and boe once made a mistake. The Russians got a handicap of 20 seconds and confidently brought it to victory. Fourcade — second, Bo third.

Bjorn began the pursuit 23-m with backlog from the leader in 1 minute and 8 seconds. The first shooting Latvian athlete has fulfilled on "perfectly" and moved to the 11-th position. On the following three loops every time Andrew has not closed one target, but he kept on 11-12-th place and finished up in 10th, behind Shipulin — 1 minute 19 seconds. This result allowed Rastorguev earn 31 points with the total of 391 points, he was up in the overall world Cup 22 th position.

World Cup-2016/17. 9-th stage (the Holmenkollen March 18). Men. Pursuit 12.5 km

1 (3-second in the sprint). Anton Shipulin (Russia) — 32.11,9 (1 penalty).
2 (2). Martin Fourcade (France) 5,7 (2).
3 (1). Johannes Bø (Norway) 21,6 (2).
4 (15). Fredrik Lindström (Sweden) 44,7 (0).
5 (21). Lukas Hofer (Italy) 55,5 (2).
6 (10). Julian Eberhard (Austria) 55,6 (3).
7 (12). Simon Eder (Austria) 56,1 (3).
8 (7). Angry Moravec (Czech Republic) 57,3 (2).
9 (8). Evgeny Garanichev (Russia) 1.03,7 (3).
10 (23). Ferry Bjorn (Latvia) 1.19,9 (3)...