Porzingis has not yet played for the main national team a single match, limiting the performance for the Junior team (U-18). At home the European championship in 2013, he was included in the symbolic team of the tournament.

Men's team Latvia at the last Eurobasket championship 2015 took eighth place and won the right to play in the Olympic qualifying tournament, which leaves you with the hope to win tickets in Rio de Janeiro-2016.

However, the verdict talented Latvian basketball player is not pleased with baelelea the national team of Latvia.

"After consulting with everyone, I decided that this year for the national team will not play. In the long run all will benefit. Want to prepare yourself for the next season. In the future I will play in the national team, said at a press conference 20-year-old Latvian basketball player and said that at the end of the season, he also consulted with Phil Jackson (President of the "new York Knicks" — Approx.) and the General team Manager Steven mills.

"We just all acquire because after a hard season he will rest and prepare for the next. Not worth it to tear it apart. Kristaps is the diamond that still need to Polish, " said brother Janis Kristaps Porzingis. — Emotionally to withstand the 82 game season is not easy. Now he needs to get stronger, to get used to such loads. In the future, it will only help".

Recall that Kristaps Porzingis last summer, was selected in the NBA draft under the high fourth club "new York Knicks". Go with the young Latvian basketball player became the player of the main five and for the team spent 72 matches, conceding only the ending of the regular season due to injury. The average Kristaps in his debut season in the NBA — 14.3 points and 7.3 rebounds and 1.9 blocked shots.

In addition to the statements received, at a press conference today brothers Porzingis (Janis, Kristaps and martinis) spoke about creating a "family Fund of Porzingis". The first work has already been done, and their part will be opening this summer in Liepaja (near the stadium "Daugava") the basketball court that meets all the standards of the NBA. In addition, from 13 to 16 June Kristaps will organize the first summer camp for children.