Before the final "nickers" dobilsya, passing the MOUTH (2-0) and SLAVE (3-1), and "Beitar" not lost a single match against the Monarch (2-0) and "Daugavpils" (3-0).

For "Beitar" are two ex-"nicaraven" (Shustrov, armelin), and Vinnikov, Lapkowski, Nikitin took gold in the "Kimmel". But against the champion debutant of the higher League still can not find arguments, having suffered defeat four: two on the preliminary stage (0:6 and 2:7), and two in the final.

First loss of the Futsal players of "Beitar" in the play-offs had on the opening match of the final series — 0:9 away. This match because of suspension missed one of the team leaders Teren, but it all went wrong by the middle of the first half.

6 minutes Kolesnikov scored twice, he increased the lead, and on the same eighth minute K. zabarovskis brought the score to 4:0. To break Kolesnikov scored a poker, and at the beginning of the second half and scored Fumaça — 5:0 in favor of "Nikara". Inferior team tried to play in five of the field, but the score continued to grow not in her favor. Canopy got a hat-trick, but in the end for a second yellow card was removed Momcilovic. Serbian goalkeeper so emotionally argued to the judges of their innocence, that at the meeting the DC was disqualified for a year, and with "nickers" imposed a fine of 1500 euros.

A week later, on Spunciems, on the home parquet "Beitar" finally managed to find a way to the opponent's goal. It happened in the 24th minute, and by the time the guests were leading 4:0. Consolation goal the hosts scored Alexander Kuleshov, while the champion account opened ikstēns, then clone made pastors and the best scorer of the season Canopy, and summed up the goalkeeper Astrakhantsev, which once again became major after the disqualification of Momchilovich.

The third match of the series in which "nickers" may issue a ninth straight title, will take place on 30 April in Riga Olympic centre (13.30). In addition, "the Nickers" will hold the final of the Latvian Cup, where his opponent will be the winner of the first League "Rezekne/TRANS AIDS".

Third place was disputed by the Vice-champion of last season "Daugavpils" and bronze medalist-2015 SLAVE. A favorite pair was the residents, the double-obygryvanii Dinan at the preliminary stage (7:3 and 3:2).

The first match of the series took place in Salaspils, and quite unexpectedly prevailed "Daugavpils" — 5:4. Two quickly conceded goals were not confused Latgale club, and the break he was leading 3:2. In the 24th minute Tarasov brought the advantage of "Daugavpils" to "2" and it's over "ranavav" to show strong-willed qualities. They played 4:4, but the last word still remained for "Daugavpils" - a victory was a blow Halimon who made this day a hat-trick.

In Daugavpils the hosts were close to having to end the series. To 10 minutes, two goals Ostrovsky has allowed them to create a handicap of + 2, but keep the odds donchanam failed. They were unable to stop the Brazilians Edersona and Pereira de Azevedo. Their goals allowed for the SLAVE to seize the initiative and lead 3:2. "Daugavpils" said Simon ball, 3:3 — and the game went into overtime! And the residents in it for a minute "shot" of three consecutive goals and took the victory (6:3).

In the decisive match of the series "Daugavpils" is not enough. In Riga, guests staying in power, in fact one half. After 10 minutes, "rabaty" changed the account 2:0, until the end of the first half went very high-scoring game. But in her, the hosts never lost the initiative— 3:0, 4:1, 5:2, 5:3. In the second half the capital club spent another five goal attack and brought the margin to an impressive 10:3. This victory was the largest for a SLAVE in this play-off.

Thus, "Daugavpils" remained the fourth, and SLAVE the second season in a row won the bronze medal in the championship. The team of chief coach of the national team of Latvia Arthur Shkatov for 13 (!) years in a row consistently finish in the top three, which is a record of the national Championships.

For the first time a SLAVE was in the top 3 by the end of the 2003/04 season (second place — just behind a team of "Bugroff", who then trained the Shkatov), and since then it has never dropped below the third line. Twice a SLAVE has been a champion (2005, 2006), eight won a silver and three bronze medals (2009, 2015, 2016). The second result for the duration of being among the winners belongs to the "Nickers": 9 consecutive years — with season-2007/08.

The final

Nickers — Beitar 9:0 (5:0)

Goals: Kolesnikov, 6, 6, 8, 19, K. Zabarovskis 8, 22 Fumaça, Canopy 34, 34, 40.

Removal: Momcilovic 40 (Nickers).

Beitar Nickers 1:6 (0:4)

Goals: Al.Kuleshov 24 — Ikstēns 2, Pastors 5, 32, Canopy 18, 20, Astrakhantsev 36.

Account series: 2-0 in favor of Nicara.

For the 3rd place

SLAVE — Daugavpils 4:5 (2:3)

Goals: Kolomytsev 2, 34, Dombrovskis 5, Ederson 28 Of Atamanov 15, Halimon 20, 20, 37, Tarasov 24.

Daugavpils is the SLAVE 3:6 FROM (2:1, 1:2, 0:1, 0:2)

Goals: Ostrovsky, 7, 10, 33 Simonov — Ederson 19, 23, 46, Pereira de Azevedo 32, 46, Auzins 45.

Removal: Herzberg 33 (SLAVE).

SLAVE — Daugavpils 10:3 (5:3)

Goals: Auzins 6, 38, Ederson 10, 13, 14, 29, Kolomytsev 11, 36, Dombrovskis 26, 27 Of Atamanov 12, Ostrovsky 15, Maksymchuk 17.

Summary of series: 2-1 in favor of a SLAVE

Photo — the press service of the LTFA.