Video with a baby seal were sent by the reader Delfi Bernards.

In March on the coast is quite common to find young seals.

Specialist of the Riga zoo Maris Liepkalns explained that when meeting with a pup it is necessary to evaluate his condition: good, length of body, fatness or thinness, the presence of wounds. If you have a dog, you should definitely take her on a leash. You should also move away from the seal away so as not to spook the animal.

"Then it is necessary to call specialists of Department of protection of nature on the phone 29198590. Experts will decide what to do next, leave the pup in place, move to a quieter place or to deliver to Riga zoo," says Maris Liepkalns.

The pup should not be fed to push in the water and attempt to move it.