Russian football second division of Germany started the spring segment of the path. During the winter League appeared one Latvian Legionnaire more — the ranks of the Voronezh "Torch" added Vitaliy Melnichenko. Well proved itself in training camp and in friendly matches, 28-year-old Latvian goalkeeper took his place in the fifth today team first division in the first macton team after the winter break.

"The torch" took home "Tyumen" and managed to put the squeeze on guests only in the last quarter of an hour. But once scored just three goals. Melnichenko with his work handled decent, not allowing the opponent even for something to hold on to— 3:0.

Astrakhan "Volgar" in composition with Ivan Lukyanov has achieved a difficult victory away over the "Zenith-2" — 3:2. Latvian striker came on, played 73 minutes and was replaced with the score 3:1.

The "Torch" was 44 points, "Volgar" has not allowed himself to catch up, scored 47 and occupies the fourth position. The leader of the tournament remains Orenburg "Gazovik" (62 points), 25 in which round of the beat Tosno (1:0). Latvian midfielder Arthur Zyuzin one of the winners this time was not.

After a long break in the gates NEA "Salamis" returned the second number of the national team of Latvia Paul Steinber. 28 round his team was staying in Limassol "Apollo" and lost 1:2. "Salamis" can't win for 12 games and ranked in the championship of Cyprus strong sixth place that is not already claiming.

But the "Pathos", which plays another Keeper from Latvia Janis kruminish, still have to fight for the preservation of places in the top League. In the reporting round, his team went from zeros "ARIS", kruminish left in stock. The "pathos" 31 points and 9th place out of 12.

In the 24th round of the Swiss super League disappointing defeat was suffered by "Sion" Andris Vanin in the match from going ahead "young boys". Sion successfully resisted the opponent in the guests to the middle of the second half, when conducted in the account 2:1. And then happened the moment: not only that the line referee missed an offside in the attack of the home team, the chief judge has appointed 11-meter and has removed his "professional foul". The referee was clearly bought on a beautiful fall Miralema Serbian striker Sulejmani (see video below), "young boys" immediately leveled the score, but in the end of the game scored the winning goal against the bloodless "Sion" — 3:2.

In the end, "young boys" scored 42 points and lost second place, "Sion" was left with 31 points and fourth place in the standings with a game in hand.