"First and foremost I would like to appeal to the fair sex: "Dear women, it is in ordinary life, the gallant men have to give you the place on public transport, missing the first lady to the theater or concert hall. On the roadway are all equal. But traffic is regulated by traffic rules otherwise the traffic a long time would become Brownian motion - ironically the reader.

How women react to the sign "give way" you can see in the first two episodes. The first time rush has failed, in the second case, the driver still had time.
By the way, my personal experience suggests - ladies almost never miss. Remember the episodes during traffic congestion two transport streams merge into one. If a woman is at home, she will not notice and will block you out. And will be, supposedly not noticing. Maybe it's really the specificity of women's vision - narrow focus — a kind of tunnel vision?

On the third episode. Very rarely Brivibas, breaking, turn left on Gustava zemgala gatve. But this time behind the wheel sat a representative of the better half of humanity.

I hope that now, if I hadn't destroyed the stereotype that women are careful drivers, then thoroughly shaken".

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