In the main event — the Grand Prix — Latvia was represented by the strongest Latvian "the artist" Elizabeth Gamaleeva. With the sum of 54,950 points she was ranked 14th in the competition of 22 participants. Could climb up a little higher, but this was prevented by an error in the exercise with ribbon (12.4 points), which is confused in the beginning of the speech.

Double victory in the competition won Russian women Polina Khonina (68,800 points) and Julia Bravikova (65,850). The third place of the Israelite Victoria Filanovsky, which a week ago became the winner in Riga "Baltic Hoop".

Bravikova also won the finals in exercises with maces (17,850) and ribbon (17,850), Filanovsky was the best with Hoop (17,8) and the Bulgarian Catherine Taseva judges put in first place in the exercise with the ball (17,5).

Rhythmic gymnastics. Grand Prix-2017. 2nd stage (Kiev). All-around.

1. Pauline Khonina (Russia) — 68,800.
2. Julia Bravikova (Russia) — 65,850.
3. Victoria Filanovsky (Israel) — 65,800...
13. Elizabeth Gamaleeva (Latvia) — 54,950...

In addition, there were competitions of gymnasts in different age groups and disciplines in the framework of the "Deriugina Cup". Right before the start of the tournament, the legendary coach and President of the gymnastics Federation of Ukraine Deriugina Albina age of 85 years. Here the competition pre-juniors (gymnasts 2007-2006 G. R.) Maria Kalinina from Latvia took second place and in competition with 29-year juniors (2002-2004 R. G.) Erika Bogdanova (the amount by 45.45) left 22nd.

In the group competition (10 clubs) juniors team Latvia took the 7th place in the competition of 9 teams. Among the seniors in group competition, the Latvian gymnasts in qualifying was second, but won the final exercise with 5 hoops, receiving from the judges the highest score of 15.35 points ahead of the hosts of the tournament (see the top video).

In the final of the other exercises (3 ball, 2 jump ropes) the team of Latvia to perform so well already failed 3 out of four.

Finally, in the competition for seniors "Deriugina Cup" Latvian gymnast Arina lane with the amount 51,250 points took in the all-around, 10th place out of 19 possible. The most successful performances she did it with a Hoop (14,0) and clubs (13,45).