In fact, the tram was leased, and runs and screams - animator, who was invited for the children. "The day of birth was combined in one part friend and the other his daughter," - said DELFI Reporter one of the guests.

The company "Rīgas satiksme" said that the rental service of public transport available for many years. "You can rent any public transport - be it trolley bus, bus or tram. Moreover, the latter can be rented as a retro-tram, and a modern, low-floor," - said Baiba Bartashevich-Feldman.

On the home page of RS in the section "Rent of transport" it is said that one hour of rent of a retro-tram day costs 85 euros, and a night - 92,65 euros. Prices for low-floor tram is significantly higher by day 215 euros a night 227,90 euros.

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