The press conference was fun, reports The Telegraph. First, fury was trying to rile Klitschko his statements and in the end he succeeded.

"Klitschko, look at me, " began fury. You lose the fat, you should be ashamed. I never aspired to be Mr. universe, but to fight suitable in good shape. 9 days of training I have lost weight and are happy that our match will be held here and not in Germany or the USA, where it would be a lot of fans on the wrong side".

Then the British only escalate: "Klitschko didn't throw strikes in the last battle. Let's hope that when he comes to England, one will take chances. He's mentally unstable, so scared. His knees tremble. He was scared and during the first fight. I have a number one and a damn good one to stop at that. Yes, I earn too much money to just quit. And not going to live in the image of the athlete. It is nonsense to call me a sportsman".

For Klitschko Jr., as they say, not rusty. "Many people would like to see a champion that would represent the box properly. And I don't like what comes out of the mouth fury, — said the Ukrainian boxer. — For example, that people with a different sexual orientation should be in prison along with the pedophiles. That's what he thinks of Elton John, the band Queen. Or it is saying that all women should be in the kitchen or behind the men. Him and all who believe as well, I want to say — F*** off".

Fight revenge 40-year-old Wladimir Klitschko with 27-year-old Tyson fury will be held in Manchester, 9 July.

We will remind that on November 28 last year in düsseldorf fury by unanimous decision won fight of Klitschko. The assets of the Ukrainian boxer 68 fights, 64 wins (53 by Ko) and 4 losses. The British boxer has won all 25 fights (18 by knockout).