In Holland Kalnins acted in a weight category to 60 kg, had six fights and lost only in the final to the representative of Uzbekistan to Sadriddin Simatova.

The first minute of a decisive battle took place in a tactical passive way, for which both athletes have earned from the referee's warning. In the middle of the fight after watching the replay Simutowe was awarded to the first point. It made Kalnins go for more action, and his opponent quickly received from the referee a second comment.

19 seconds before the end of the battle of Samatov managed to earn effective second point. In the remaining before the end of final time Calves and failed to break the defense of the Uzbek athlete, who started superbly this season, winning in January is gold at the first stage of the Premier League Karate1 — Open-de-Paris (Kalnins was there seventh).

Kalnins Kalvis in the old days also won stages of the Premier League Karate1 and even did it four times, but the last victory dates back to year 2014.

In Rotterdam was also made by a few representatives of Latvia. Victoria Rezaeva (up to 61 kg) managed to win one victory, but losing in the next fight, finished the race. And Ivar Pricing and Kirill Mambo in the category of CAT was limited to one lost combat.

Saymatov Sadriddin (UZB) vs Kalniņs Kalvis (LAT) 20/03/2017 Final 60kg