First, the inspectors something was trying to prove, to refer to the letter of the law, to appeal to reason. But it didn't help. Had to call for backup. The altercation ended at the police station. And although the woman was drawn up and ordered to pay a fine, she thinks he's won. This video she shared, calling it "the Queen won, not allowing the police to take away her rights".

At first you might think that the woman is very stressed, uttered so much nonsense. But as it turned out, Ditta in this case an old hand for the last three years Mrs. Rietumu managed to commit a number of serious offences. 6 APR 2013 she passed the intersection on "red", for which he received a fine of 30 euros, and on August 27, 2014 it stopped for lack of insurance of the OST (€85 fine). Like "Queen" and drive. August 24, 2015 a woman was fined 120 euros for the fact that she exceeded the speed limit in the village. In the same year, only in the winter she seized the rights and issued a fine of 100 euros for the lack of tehosmotr.

Well, the last episode involving this lady happened on February 20. Inspection of the car Audi A4 Avant ended on April 9 last year. Woman fined EUR 120.