CSKA Moscow missed a chance to end the series at home, having got the best over Nizhniy Novgorod "torpedo" with a score of 3:1.

And let guests quickly opened the score in this game: in the 4th minute scored by Vyacheslav Kulemin, after ten minutes the score was equal — CSKA goal scored Simon Almarsson. He's in the middle of the third period in the minority made the score 3:1 (a little earlier in the CSKA goal was scored by Roman Lyubimov), to which the torpedo responded with a goal in most Kaspar Daugavins six minutes before the final siren.

All the efforts of the team of Peteris Skudra save the situation and bring the series to the Bottom — without success. CSKA won the fourth match of the series and continues to fight for the main trophy of the League.

Caspar Daugavins in the last match of the season held on ice 19 minutes. This goal was his third of the playoffs, and just 11 games he scored 5 points — the third indicator in the team. In the regular season, Latvian footballer of the torpedo was the best scorer with 35 points in 44 games and the best snipera (14 goals). Eight games Caspar held in the beginning of the season for Dynamo Moscow (1 goal and 3 assists), which then appeared in "torpedo".

In another confrontation came forward SKA, today defeated visiting Dinamo Moscow — 4:1. The current holder of the Gagarin Cup again played without Ilya Kovalchuk and preserved the tradition is to win without their former captain. Now SKA leads series 3-2 and the next match will hold in St. Petersburg on March 17.

The Gagarin Cup-2016. 1/4 final (fifth matches):

CSKA (Moscow) — torpedo (Nizhny Novgorod) 3:2 (1:1, 0:0, 2:1)
0:1 — Kulemin (Sergienko, Illin) — 03:54.
1:1 — Almarsson (Unicov, Naumenkov) — 14:31.
2:1 — Lyubimov (Petrov, Puracyn) — 42:40.
3:1 — Almarsson (Unicov) — 49:15 (4x5).
3:2 — Daugavins (Osipov, Alyaev) — 53:51 (5x4).

Throws: 35 — 24
Goalies: Ilya Sorokin — The Social Network.
Fine: 12 — 8.
Account in the series: 4-1.

Dynamo (Moscow) — SKA (St.-Petersburg) 1:4 (0:0, 1:2, 0:2)
0:1 — Khafizullin (dadonov, Vadim Shipachyov) — 24:56 (5x4).
1:1 — Gorovikov— 27:29.
1:2 — Moses (Gusev, And Vadim Shipachyov) — 34:17.
1:3 — Gusev (Vadim Shipachyov, Khafizullin) — 43:06 (5x4).
1:4 — Cocciante (Moses) — 56:11 (5x4).

Throws: 23 — 27
Goalkeepers: Eremenko — Koskinen.
Fine: 35 — 24/
Account in the series: 2-3.