The winner of the regular championship has arrived to Yaroslavl with only one intention — to win. Retreat team Dmitry Quarterly nowhere in the series it has already lost 2-3. In turn, the hockey players of "Locomotive" felt close smell of victory and quickly opened the score after a throw Pavel Kraskovsky.

To win the army team had a chance early in the second third, when for almost two minutes, they operated five together against three rivals. We failed to score, and barely received the majority of the owners of the ice, as Maxime Talbot increased the advantage to two washers.

Then there was military action in the performance of the defender of CSKA of Grigori Panin, managed to injure one shift of two key players — Kosuna and Talbot. Kozun was able to leave the ice only with the help of partners, Talbot later returned to the bench.

For their actions Panin received from the judges two penalty until the end of the game — both for 5 20 was issued with the phrase "hitting an opponent in the head." Lokomotiv lost only two minutes Naklada, undertaken to punish the soldier for his dirty game.

In the end, most of the stretching for 8 minutes, the citizens have already realized early in the third period when scored by Andrei Loktionov and the score was 3:0.

Two minutes before the final siren the team managed to score a consolation goal in the format "6x4" (Stephane Da Costa). The remainder of the match was held in mutual distances and to save the series CSKA failed — 3:1 in favor of "Locomotive".

Thus, winning for the third consecutive year the regular season under the leadership Quarterly military club at that time remains of the Cup of Gagarin. Note the fact that not once in nine seasons, the winner of "regulate" CHL could not win the main League trophy — the Gagarin Cup.

The Gagarin Cup In 2017. 1/4 final (sixth match)

The locomotive (Yaroslavl) — CSKA (Moscow) 3:1 (1:0, 1:0, 1:1)
1:0 — Kraskovsky (Koledov, Korskov) — 07:07 (5x5)
2:0 — Talbot (Naklada, Kronwall) — 32:25 (5x4)
3:0 — Loktionov (Naklada, Kronwall) — 41:01 (5x4)
3:1 — Da Costa (Murschak) — 57:52 (6x4).
Account in the series: 4 — 2.