In the 78th minute Kiev conceded a third goal and then have not sustained nerves of the leader of "Dynamo" Andriy Yarmolenko.

However, Dynamo's head coach Serhiy Rebrov believes that the fight was provoked by the player of "Shakhtar" Taras Stepanenko — he ran to the sector of fans of "Dynamo" and kissed the emblem of FC Shakhtar. Eyewitnesses, video, and the decision of the arbitrator Mozarowski (second yellow Stepanenko) confirm the words of coach of "Dynamo".

One way or another, but the Dynamo too reacted harshly to this moment — Yarmolenko just mowed Stepanenko, then you have already started the scuffle with the participation of the bench. Ran on turf defender "Shakhtar" Yaroslav Rakitskiy literally drove into the jaw of the leader of "Dynamo" (see video below).

Worth noting: last match between these teams also ended with scandal: Yarmolenko threw a t-shirt Stepanenko, but then the Shakhtar midfielder has forgiven the Dynamo, and now said that his friendship with the Dynamo over.

At the end of the incident, the second yellow card he received not only Stepanenko, but Yarmolenko and Rakitskiy was shown a red. The game ended with the score 3:0 and we can say that the "miner" in some way hurt the feelings of Champions of the country of the Dynamo.