As noted in LAW, Latvia has the status of a country where there is rabies, but many pet owners are ignored legally compulsory vaccination of their Pets against rabies.

In particular, many people can't even imagine the kind of mortal danger may be a flock not vaccinated against rabies of cats. For infection no boundaries, it gets to where there are people and animals. Although wild animals are getting the oral vaccine, Latvia is not protected against the penetration of rabies with dogs, cats or ferrets. The Latvian veterinarians have the sad experience of communication with Russia removed from the animals which are not vaccinated against rabies. For outbreak, only a single dog infected with rabies.

The head of LAW Mara Vidura called in the first place, to caution residents of the border areas. If dogs, cats or ferrets not yet vaccinated, as well as, if period of validity of vaccination is over, immediately contact the veterinary clinic.

If the dog that was not vaccinated or the vaccination period is over, you will make an attack on the man, according to the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers, the animal is euthanized, and tissue samples sent for laboratory tests. In this case, the dog owner will have to singe all the costs to the injured party, as well as Prodovolstvenno and veterinary service, which conducts analysis of samples. Occasionally, total expenditures exceed hundreds of euros.