Весенняя диета: как похудеть за короткое время на 18 кг в домашних условиях
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– Tell us about yourself — what was your previous experience of loss?

- I've always had a pretty stable weight, but then in a short time he began to grow rapidly. After a long summer vacation already I weighed 74 lbs! When my little growth that was too much. I was desperate and wanted to get rid of extra pounds. At first I tried to comply with buckwheat diet, but how long you can only have buckwheat? And much sense in this diet, it was not — is not diminished an ounce. Then started having problems with blood pressure, and dizzy. I realized that to play like with health it is impossible!

– How did You decide to try the diet Stockholm?

- About the Stockholm diet heard good reviews from colleagues. They have in the first few days were impressive results, within a week they had lost 5-7 pounds overweight. At first I didn't believe I could lose weight too, but in order to achieve something, you have to try. So I made a choice in favor of the Stockholm diet. I had nothing to lose, because the program gives a guarantee — or I will be satisfied 100%, or I will return the money back.

– Was it easy to follow a diet?

— First completed the test and ordered a diet plan. He was ready for the next day, and I immediately began to stick with it. It was easy for me to follow the directions on the food menu was delicious and easy to prepare. I immediately began to lose weight. Borrowed girlfriend's scales to monitor the weight change. The weight really dropped fast in the first week I lost 11 kg and feel much more energetic and healthy. Only with the Stockholm diet I lost 18 pounds — now I weigh 56 kg! I must say that now all of my clothes to me is great!

Весенняя диета: как похудеть за короткое время на 18 кг в домашних условиях
Foto: Publicitātes attēli

- What advice would You give to other women who also want to lose weight?

- Stockholm-based diet has opened me the world of healthy eating, and this is very important when on a diet. This diet can easily become a way of life, and you'll be slim all the time. Look at me — I'm in my 55 years, slim and no tummy! In addition to this, I have improved blood pressure and I am full of energy! I'm happy and I say thank you for a free consultation to a specialist at the Stockholm diet!

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